Rejuvenate Your Body

Last updated: November 07 2018 23:00:38

Steps To Rejuvenate

If you are not all ready doing so, go for a walk. I have a 2.5 mile triangular shaped block I can walk around. I only cross 4 streets in 2.5 miles. It's a nice comfortable walk I can take right out the door, sidewalk all the way. Keep it simple and it is easier to stick with. You will feel the result over time both inside and out. Eventually you notice a spring in your step. Regular walking helps you get back into shape. This translates into a more youthful appearance which comes about naturally and you feel it on the inside to. Regular walking is a small step with big rewards.

Drinking plenty of good clean water helps your body the means to function properly. Pop and such does not give the body the water it requires to keep clean and running efficiently. Years of processed food consumption builds up as an over abundance of waste in the form of:


Debris in the skin

Colon walls waste

Toxins get stored in the body
Clean water in sufficient supply is a requirement for good health and self rejuvenation...

Salad Based Meals
One meal a day should be mostly salad. I make salad sandwiches to fight the boredom of eating a salad based diet.Don't eat junk food... The hardest part. What is junk food? Consider junk food to be any processed, shelved food where the main ingredient is not derived from fresh sources. Live primarily off a salad based diet. Organic veggies are available for the juicer, occasional juicing may provide a better balance of nutrients. Nature tends to package nutrients in proper amounts, and in a form the body can use efficiently. Multi-grain bread, seeds and nuts provide other nutrients and valuable oils.

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